guidance for the catering industry

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday party or a corporate event – the catering company that you choose is crucial in making it a success. Unfortunately, there are many caterers out there who are not really as good as they claim to be. For you to be sure that your event will turn out just the way you want you have to do your homework in order to find the best. Use these tips to guide you:

• The first thing that you should do is narrow down the number of possible candidates. If you are looking at a large number of caterers it can be hard to choose. You can start with caterers that you already know or those who are located close to you. If you are new to the catering business then you can ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations.

are they clean and hygenic

• The next thing to do is go to their premises. What kind of a kitchen do they have? Are they clean and hygienic? Do they look like they have the right catering and kitchen equipment? Do you think they have the ability to successfully serve the number of guests that you will be inviting? Don’t be afraid to ask questions – the more information you have the better.

• Now you can discuss menu options. Find out the specialty of the caterer – what kinds of food do they usually cook? A chef who delivers mostly Italian food would have a hard time doing a Chinese or Japanese menu. Discuss what menu options are available and also whether they have food for guests with special needs.

catering staff• Find out if they have the necessary number of employees that are required to cook and serve at your event. It is not unusual to see food service stall at events because there are not enough cooks to deliver the food and there aren’t enough waiters to serve it. Different arrangements require different staffing. If you have a buffet, for instance, you can assume two waiters to serve around thirty guests. If you are having a sit down dinner, however, one waiter handles a table of eight and you need more to serve the drinks.

• Your caterer should be able to prepare a tasting so that you can have an idea of what they food will be like. It is also a chance for you to sample the payout and also the plates, cutlery and glasses that they will use.

Lastly, consider how much the caterer is charging you for everything. You shouldn’t have to pay too much but at the same time you don’t want to hire a caterer only because they are cheap – they may end up not delivering as promised. Look for someone who does quality work and who you can afford.